What are we doing and why?

Steam of blockchain games


A first screen into the blockchain gaming where players can find the games to play, track all important information, including events like airdrops, pre-sales, mint, or game releases.

Rewarding real players

Players receive unique gaming NFTs just for playing their games, no promotion or referral, just playing.

How are we doing it

We have an analytical team that helps finding the right games while filtering out projects that might be a scam or where we think there is little to no chance of delivering.
Every game that passes our review is published on our site so players can find only relevant games.
For these games we also track the important updates, like airdrops, minting, early adopter rewards, or pre-sales of tokens, so you don't need to track all the different social media and news sources.
We work with gaming studios on airdrops into our community and to the best players.
Gaming studios want real players to create a strong gaming community of active players.
  1. 1.
    Studio tell us who to reward --> All players that played last 3 seasons
  2. 2.
    We check the blockchain data to find these players
  3. 3.
    And give them free NFTs for being active player last 3 seasons
This means you are rewarded simply for playing the games instead of spamming your community through referral and other programs.

Why are we doing it

We ourselves are early adopters of blockchain gaming and we see the struggle with finding the right projects or simply keeping touch with those you already like.
That's why we decided to change it and find a way how to keep the information organized and stay ahead of the game.
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